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LAUNCH: 40 Days of Community

We were never meant to live out God's purposes in solitude. 40 Days of Community will help move your congregation toward spiritual maturity and a meaningful life on earth, revealing how God uses other people for your good and growth.

From the beginning, God's plan has been that you will fulfill his purposes in community with other people—people in your church family, in your small group, and in the world around you. The bible says we were formed for fellowship, and it's only in community that we learn life's most important lesson—how to love.

Take the next step in growing a life of purpose and meaning and join together for this 40-day spiritual journey. Lives will be touched, people will begin a relationship with Christ, practical needs will be met, the church will become known more for the love it shows, and we will see a spiritual awakening that is desperately needed in our culture.

Later Event: April 9
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