We are Hope Community Baptist Church. 

We extend a special welcome to the young and the old. God is for all people of all ages, so we invite all people. We welcome you into our Sunday morning family-get togethers - no formal ceremonies are found here. While we take our time together very seriously for our wonderful God, we encourage laughter, celebration, prayer and sharing. Just like families do.

You can come in your 'Sunday Best' if you'd like, but there's no pressure. Just come as you are. God looks on the inside, and we as a church want to see His people as He does. 

In worship we encourage you to pursue intimacy with the Lord - there is always time for an encounter with the Holy Spirit in our time of worship. And once a month we take time to remember what our King gave for us through Communion.

Worship and preaching go hand in hand - we believe that each are just as important as the other. God speaks to us through His word, and we in turn can glorify His name through song. When our band pulls out an old hymn from the past we celebrate and reminisce, however we believe strongly that God has given us the style of contemporary worship, so we choose to use it in the bulk of our worship. Hope Community is also blessed with an abundance of talented song-writers and musicians and the Lord gives us songs to sing that are relevant to the journey we as a church are on.

We place high value on prayer and the congregation ministering to one another. There is frequently a time of prayer or ministry in the service where the congregation is invited to unite and raise up those that are in need. This gives people the opportunity to minister as well as be ministered too.  

The sound of children laughing is celebrated in our church, so if your child is too young for our Hope Kids program we invite them in to our service. We have a play pen with toys at the back of our auditorium as well as a mothers room for privacy if needed.
We take our coffee very seriously at Hope Community, so if you share our love for coffee please make the most of our coffee stand before and after the service! If you're new, let us know and the coffee is on us. And if you're not into coffee, don't worry, there is tea and hot chocolate as well. If after the service you would love to learn more about our church or a relationship with Jesus, please make sure your find one of our leaders and we will take care of you and answer any questions.

We hope to meet you soon!